Sampling Systems

SENSOR sampling systems provide a representative sample that is safe to both the operator and the environment. Our systems are designed to meet Leak Detection Repair (LDAR), Maximum Achievable Control Standards (MACT) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission standards. Since no two sampling systems are exactly alike, each of our products is engineered to order.

Basic Bottle Sampling System

Models:  BBSS

  • Simple, flow-thru valve design
  • Zero dead volume
  • Replaceable process and vent needles
  • Available with SENSOR Needle Purge
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Cylinder Sampling Systems

Models:  LGSS, VSS

  • Safe, simple methodology for sampling high pressure liquefied gasses and process gasses
  • Single handle operation
  • Panel mounted pressure gauge
  • Sight glass ensures safe cylinder outage on LGSS
  • Ability to depressurize quick connects before removing cylinder
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Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System

Models:  FVBSS

  • Guarantees repeatable sample volume
  • Zero dead volume
  • Replaceable process and vent needles
  • Suitable for high process pressures
  • SENSOR needle purge standard
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Inline Sampling System

Models:  ISS

  • Available in wide variety of piping materials and end connections
  • Suitable for high temperature, high viscosity service
  • Available with open tube “stinger” or process needle
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