Nuclear Power Generation

Boiling Water Reactor Plant

Although SOR services all nuclear power generation plant designs, a typical Boiling Water Reactor is provided as a representative example.

The major difference between a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) and other types of nuclear power generating systems is the steam void formation in the reactor core. A mixture of steam/water is created when very pure water moves upward through the core absorbing heat inside the boiling water reactor. This steam-water mixture exits the top of the core and enters two stages of moisture separation. Water is removed before the steam goes into a steam line. The steam then enters a main turbine where is turns the turbine and an electrical generator. Excess steam that is not used is exhausted to a condenser that changes it back to water. A series of pumps send the water back to the reactor vessel. Jet and recirculation pumps allow an operator to vary the flow of coolant through the core and change the power generated by the reactor.

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Permits passage of workers and equipment into containment building, while managing the air exchange and maintaining integrity of the building.


The BWR containment building houses the reactor vessel, recirculation pumps, steam and coolant piping and associated safety systems.

Cooling Tower

The function of the cooling tower is to remove heat from the water discharged from the condenser so that the water can be expelled to the river or recirculated and reused.

Diesel Generator Building

Standby Diesel Generator provides emergency power if needed. The cooling water jacket is kept warm and circulated at all times for quick start-up.

HPCI - High Pressure Emergency Core Cooling Systems

The High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) system operates independently from the core cooling system and doesn’t require auxiliary ac electricity, a plant air system or an external water-cooling system.

LPCI - Low Pressure Emergency Core Cooling Systems

The Low Pressure Emergency Core Cooling (LPCI) system functions as an integral part of the residual heat removal process.

RCIC - Reactor Core Isolation Cooling

The Reactor Core Isolation Cooling  (RCIC) system is made up of a turbine-driven pump and piping with valves.

Turbine Building

The Turbine Building houses the main turbine as well as the generator and associated auxiliary systems.

Turbine Lube Oil System

The main turbine lube oil system provides lubricating oil to the main turbine generator and exciter bearings.