Gas Well

Compressor Skids

As natural gas reservoir pressures decrease or loading occurs, conventional production methods become less efficient. If determined to be economical, compressor skids are used at the wellhead to increase production.

Free Flowing Well (Primary Recovery)

This type of well uses the natural pressure from the earth to force the oil or gas from the reservoir to the surface. A throttling valve located at the wellhead reduces pressure and regulates the flow of product to the collection site.

Gas Flow Monitoring

Production from remote gas wells is fed into pipelines for transportation to central processing stations.

Glycol Dehydration

Often, a glycol dehydrator is necessary for removal of tiny water droplets from natural gas if the water was not completely extracted with the separator.

RTU System (Low Power Data Acquisition)

Many oil and gas production sites are located in remote areas not served by conventional electric power plants.

Satellite Gas Processing

A limited amount of gas processing may occur at individual wellheads or at a local collection site serving multiple wells.

Satellite Separator

Prior to storage, transportation and refining, water must be removed from the oil/water mixture produced at the wellhead. Gravity operated satellite separators are commonly used.

Storage Tanks

Oil and wastewater storage tanks are usually located at remote oil field collection sites downstream from the satellite separator.