SENSOR Heavy Products Sampling Systems featured in Chemical Processing eHandbook!

The SENSOR Heavy Products Sampling System (HPSS) is featured as part of a solution for modern refineries which are highly complex systems for separating as well as transforming heavier hydrocarbons into saleable fuels and chemicals. Improving a refinery is very critical, as it directly relates to sending more products to market.

Download the free Improve Your Refinery eBook to learn how to improve refineries operations by

  • Tailoring project delivery processes
  • Successfully sampling sticky hydrocarbons
  • Successfully selecting an industrial fan
  • Mitigating explosions with oxygen measurement

You can also download the free Closed Loop Grab Sampling eBook to learn about the techniques and methods that lead to a successful sampling project for the chemical and refining markets. Avoid the pitfalls that produce unsatisfactory results and lead to maintenance and reliability issues for operations.


Published: November 6th, 2019