1540 Side Mounted – Non-Bleed Pneumatic Level Switch

General Instructions
vac to 1500 psi, vac to 100 bar; -40° to 400°F, -40° to 204°C Maximum process pressure 60 SCFH (1.7 CMH)
Unit: RTN
5 Years
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The 1540 is a side mounted, float-operated, non-bleed pneumatic level switch suitable for plant and OEM applications where open or closed contacts are required to signal presence or absence of liquid at a discrete level. The float arm moves a magnet which in turn moves a shuttle that either blocks or allows pilot pressure to pass and operate ancillary equipment. A manual check option allows you to verify switch integrity without removing the unit from the vessel.

  • Maximum process pressure – 1500 psi (103 bar)
  • Suitable for air or any dry or filtered gas
  • Manual check option
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