SOR Calibration Kit

General Instructions

SOR Calibration Kit for the 
805PT and 805QS Transmitters

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The Calibration Kit includes a SOR Calibration Interface (USB communication cable included) and SOR Calibration Manager software that allows the user to verify, adjust and re-calibrate a device from scratch to implement turndown and zero offset, or adjust the zero output of a device to account for environmental effects. This is for use with the 805 Series of pressure products, specifically the 805PT pressure transmitter and the 805QS electronic pressure switch. A software CD is included in the kit and the software (Version can be downloaded. Please call us at 913-888-2630 to purchase the kit.

Features and benefits include: 

  • Zero offset and turndown data retention
  • “One-button” archive with all calibration results
  • Manual zero adjustment
  • Fast calibration

When connected to a device the application window will display the configuration information about the device, such as the product name, product model, unit serial number, signal output type (4-20mA or 1-5V), and the calibrated Zero and Span set points for that device.

SOR Calibration Manager Connection


For more details, see the General Instruction Manual.

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