Sampling System Bottle, Cap and Septum Supplies

  • Caps
  • Septa
  • Caps & Septa
  • Bottles with cap and septa available in clear, HDPE and Boro clear
  • Other materials, sizes, colors and shapes available upon request
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Sampling Systems are vital to chemical and hydrocarbon processes around the world. One of the other crucial items are the bottles, caps and septa which contain the liquid samples as they move from the processing units to the laboratory. At SENSOR Sampling Systems, we understand how important the quality and integrity of these components are, and we hold these critical elements to the highest manufacturing standards.

  • SENSOR cap and septum material is punched in-house in order to perform well with the typical needle systems found in industrial closed-loop sampling.
  • Laboratory supplied caps are punched with holes too small to accommodate industrial needle systems,
    and the septum material is too thin and easily damaged during use with industrial sampling systems.
  • The resealability of septum material is carefully selected to balance damage to the spetum and containment of the collected sample.

These components may be purchased separately or as a fully assembled set. Other sizes and materials are available to meet all your needs, just ask!

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