Dual Point Ultrasonic Level Switch with Self Test

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712, 722
0 to 2000 psi, 0 to 135 bar; -40° to 250°F, -40° to 121°C
Unit: CSA, FM, RTN
3 Years
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The SOR model 722 and 712 dual point with self test ultrasonic level switches are the perfect choice when you need an instrument with two set points for high and low alarms or pump control. The 722 model features a self test mechanism so you can be certain the device is still working even if there is no liquid present.  It’s a cost-effective, electronic instrument with no moving parts. Preventive maintenance is limited to an annual visual inspection and can be accomplished by a technician with basic electrical skills (wiring).

  • No additional set-up or calibration required
  • Set points can be linked to provide “pump-logic”
  • Pressure from vacuum to 2000 psi, temperature from -40°F to 250°F
  • Relay and current shift (8/16 mA) output available
  • 316SS, Alloy 20, and Hastelloy-C sensors
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