Vane Operated Flow Switch

General Instructions
900 Series
vac to 1480 psi, vac to 102 bar, -65° to 800°F, -54° to 427°C
5 Years
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vac to 1480 psi, vac to 102 bar, -65° to 800°F, -54° to 427°C

The SOR 900 Series vane-actuated, flow/no-flow switches are designed for indicating liquid flow in pipelines. These switches are magnetically actuated and feature rugged internal construction and all stainless steel trim. Minimum line pressure loss is provided by vane position at actuation.

900 Series vane flow switches fit a large range of pipe sizes from 2-1/2” and up. The standard model is equipped with a vane for an 8-inch line and may be trimmed for smaller diameters. Longer vanes are available for larger sizes. Construction is with all ASTM materials. Internal trim is 300 and 400 series stainless steel. Spring material is Inconel; o-ring material is Viton.

  • Stainless steel switching mechanism for harsh atmospheres
  • All ASTM materials construction
  • Flow monitoring for a wide range of pipe sizes and specific gravities
  • Flanged or NPT connections available
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