English to Metric Conversions

Multiply This known value by this conversion factor to get this desired value
BAR 14.504 Pounds Per Square Inch (psig)
Kilo Pascals (kPa) 0.145 Pounds Per Square Inch (psig)
Mega Pascals (mPa) 145 Pounds Per Square Inch (psig)
Kilograms per CM2(kg/cm2) 14.223 Pounds Per Square Inch (psig)
Pounds Per Square Inch (psig) 0.069 BAR
Pounds Per Square Inch (psig) 6.897 Kilo Pascals (kPa)
Pounds Per Square Inch (psig) 0.0069 Mega Pascals (mPa)
Pounds Per Square Inch (psig) 0.07 Kilograms per CM2(kg/cm2)
Specific Gravity
Kilograms per Meter3(kg/m3) 0.001 Specific Gravity (SG)
Pounds Per Foot3(lb/ft3) 0.016 Specific Gravity (SG)
Specific Gravity (SG) 1000 Kilograms per Meter3(kg/m3)
Specific Gravity (SG) 62.4 Pounds Per Foot3(lb/ft3)
Millimeter (mm) 0.039 Inch (“)
Meter (m) 3.281 Foot (‘)
Inch (“) 25.4 Millimeter (mm)
Foot (‘) 0.305 Meter (m)
Gram (g) 0.035 Ounce (oz)
Kilogram (kg) 2.204 Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz) 28.35 Gram (g)
Pound (lb) 0.454 Kilogram (kg)


Use this known temperature in this formula to get this desired temperature
Degrees Fahrenheit (°F) (°F -32) / 1.8 Degrees Centigrade (C)
Degrees Centigrade (°C) 1.8 * °C + 32 Degrees Fahrenheit (F)

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