SENSOR Engineered Solutions

A full service systems integration and engineered solutions provider.

SENSOR is a full service systems integration and engineered solutions provider formed from the core SOR Controls Group competencies – providing innovative solutions based on customer service, quality assurance and reliable delivery.

SOR Controls Group has a long history of custom engineering instrumentation for customers all over the world and an in-depth knowledge of a wide-range of industries and processes. As customers have grown to rely on our engineering expertise, SENSOR Engineered Solutions has grown. Examples of completed SENSOR projects include the following solutions:

Monitoring and Telemetry Systems: A flexible design that uses off-the-shelf components where possible and data goes to a dedicated server in order to put the SCADA system back in the ownership of the client with SENSOR support. HART® 7, Modbus RTU and discreet signals are all used with wireless, self-powered site radios. Read more about SENSOR telemetry systems.

2014-815Panel Design, Fabrication and Commissioning: SENSOR provides complete in-house electrical and pneumatic design, fabrication and commissioning of panel solutions to address field issues. SENSOR fabrication facilities operate with certified MIG/TIC welders and an ASME Section IX and AWS D2.1 qualified welding system overseen by a staff Level II Certified Weld Inspector with the capability to produce to ASME B31.1 and B31.3 – in other words, world-class.

Custom Bridles and Level Measurement Systems: SENSOR custom bridles are simple, efficient means to expand monitoring solutions by adding multiple instruments to minimum vessel taps. Bridles and level measurement systems meet ASME B31.1 and B31.3 design requirements with ASTM grade materials and ASME standardized piping components while meeting the same strict standards as pressure vessels. Read more about SENSOR custom bridles and click here to learn more about how we replaced old inline level controllers at a power plant in a cost effective way.

Knock-Out Pots and Vessels: Knock-out pots have built-in level and back-pressure controls available for self-contained operation while providing unrestricted gas flow when collecting liquids from the production stream and protecting the dryer or compressor. All units are hydrotested to 1.5 times the rated pressure and designed per ASME B31.3 piping and pressure vessel codes. Read more about SENSOR knock-out pots and vessels.


SENSOR has the ability and creativity to engineer, build and deliver cost-effective solutions, all from ONE SOURCE. With access to design engineers, programmers, draftsmen, sourcing professionals, production technicians, as well as your entire SENSOR project team, SENSOR leverages all facets of SOR Controls Group.

A team of experienced engineers, experts in mechanical, electrical and electronic principles and systems, will provide a solution that fits your specific needs. They’ve designed virtually every type of instrumentation for a wide variety of industry applications. SENSOR design activities regularly include:

  • Enginuity-artAdvanced electronic surface mount circuitry – high and low power
  • Digital and analog communications systems, including custom digital code
  • Integrating instrumentation and electronic or mechanical systems
  • Analyzing process conditions to localize sources of errors and failures
  • Obtaining and applying regulatory listings such as UL, FM, CSA, ATEX and more

If what you need isn’t available, SENSOR will find it. If we can’t find it, we’ll design and build it from scratch:

  • Award-winning machine shop with full tool and die design, advanced fabrication and machining capabilities
  • Capability to produce integrated casting, sheet metal and machined components
  • ASME section IX and AWS D2.1 qualified welding system with certified MIG/TIG welders and Level II Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)
  • Panasonic Perform Arc 122S robotic weld centers
  • Custom painting and coating systems

SOR Controls Group is synonymous with quality – around the world, in numerous industries including oil & gas, chemical/petrochemical, and power generation.

  • ISO-9001 registered since 1992
  • Certified & documented design, production and evaluation processes
  • ASME compliant welding systems with Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), approved welding procedure specification (WPS), procedure qualification records (PQR) and in-house non-destructive evaluation (NDE) testing
  • Material traceability on ASTM rated materials with certified mill test reports (CMTR)
  • Formal calibration system that maintains all in-house test and inspection equipment


SENSOR_WoodyUsing our experience, we will find the best solution for your operational issues. We will ask questions, you provide data and we will develop a range of potential solutions to address the problem and meet your budget based on our extensive experience in instrument design, application and manufacturing.

More quickly than expected, SENSOR will provide drawings and technical data along with detailed pros and cons. When the feedback loop is complete, SENSOR will build and deliver your solution quickly, make sure it is running smoothly and that it stays that way.


SENSOR will work for you to create timely and effective engineered solutions that can help turn challenges into assets. Just make ONE CALL to your SENSOR project manager and you will get the answers you need.