805PT Pressue Transmitter Has Non-Incendive Division 2

805PT pressure transmitter

(Lenexa, Kansas, USA) – Robust and economical 805PT pressure transmitters from SOR Inc. are designed for use in hazardous locations and hostile environments where space is limited. Its rugged construction makes cost of ownership low and it carries a three-year warranty. And now the 805PT has non-incendive Division 2 approval from FM (U.S. and Canada).

The 805PT has pressure ranges from 0-100 through 0-10,000psi with +/-0.25% accuracy and it features a 1/2” NPT(M) with 1/4” NPT(F) dual process connection.

The 805PT has been proven to be well-suited for a variety of applications in the oil and gas industry such as flare gas pressure, wellhead casing and tubing pressure, offshore safety system and pipeline suction/discharge pressure and compressor stations. It is also being used in applications outside of oil & gas, such as metering pump skids, cooking oil processing, and hydraulic equipment.

In addition, the compatible SOR® Calibration Manager software allows the user to verify, adjust and re-calibrate the 805PT from scratch to implement turndown and zero offset, or adjust the zero output of a device to account for environmental effects. With “one-button” archive, the user can save all calibration results as an electronic text file.

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