We serve the oil and gas, power and nuclear industries with precision instruments that measure pressure, level, temperature and flow. No company builds a better product, and no company backs their products with better warranties or better customer service. SOR products are the standard for quality, reliability and durability.

One reason for our continued worldwide growth is the willingness to listen to our customers’ specific needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs. In fact, a majority of the products SOR manufactures and delivers are specially engineered to order. New products continue to be engineered and developed that integrate features such as wireless and smart technologies.

There are SOR instruments built decades ago that are still in the field, in the harshest environments, doing their jobs every minute of every day. In 1993, SOR earned the highest level of quality registration – ISO:9001 – and we’ve continued to achieve that goal every year since. Quality is the hallmark of our products.

Products with Adaptability


SOR pressure transmitters are designed for use in hazardous conditions and hostile environments. Their rugged and compact design provides an instrument perfect for use in tough locations where space is limited. The recently introduced 815PT smart pressure transmitter with HART®7 and ModBus® RTU is just one example from the 800 series of how SOR is bringing technology and durability together.

When it comes to pressure switches, one size does not fit all. SOR will engineer a pressure switch to meet your individual needs using components such as switching elements, diaphragm systems and pressure ports specifically selected for your application. The Mini-Hermet – explosion proof pressure/compound pressure switch provides the trusted SOR pressure sensing assembly hermetically sealed in an explosion proof steel capsule.

Known as one of the most flexible products, SOR differential pressure switches are available in weatherproof and explosion proof configurations to best match the application. Most models are safety certified to IEC 61508 (SIL) for non-redundant use.


A complete line of temperature sensors including thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowells, specialty surface temperature sensors, protection tubes and sample probes allow SOR to meet demanding and general purpose temperature measurement requirements. Original equipment manufacturers and end users using high pressure thermocouple assemblies will benefit from SOR engineering expertise and their ability to design high pressure assemblies and fabrications to their specific and often specialized requirements. Tens of thousands of our high pressure sensor assemblies have been used in the oil and gas industry since their introduction.

Also included in the SOR temperature sensor line are multipoint assemblies that allow, with a single process connection, the reading of up to 80+ temperature points to provide a temperature profile throughout the length of the column, tank or reactor. SOR temperature switches can handle temperature extremes, corrosive process media and the most unfriendly environments. Tell us the situation and we’ll engineer your temperature switch with selections that include alternative housings, switching elements and accessories.


Adaptability is a good quality to have when it comes to measuring process level. SOR level switches can be engineered specifically for your application by varying the switch type and number, housing, chamber material, process connections and other accessories.

SOR also offers a comprehensive line of level transmitters. Whether you need a submersible level device, non-contact ultrasonic transmitter or continuous output RF probe, SOR has a solution.


SOR manufactures several distinct flow technologies to meet the needs of the specific application. Vane-operated switches work magnetically to sense the flow of liquid, while thermal differential switches offer a more flexible solution with no moving parts.

While a fluid is flowing through a pipe, the flow rate can be calculated by measuring the changes in fluid pressure. Applying a differential pressure transmitter, like the 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter, for flow rate measurement is one of the most common installations.

Nuclear Qualified

It’s a familiar situation at older nuclear power plants – the switch that was made years ago is no longer available. Relax. SOR can design and build 1E-qualified pressure, differential pressure or temperature switches that will get the job done.


SENSOR provides integrated systems utilizing SOR and 3rd party products as part of a turnkey solution. SENSOR enables users to interface with a single source capable of providing a complete system, engineered to order with off-the-shelf speed. Well monitoring and sampling systems comprise the innovative solutions offered by SENSOR.