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Information for Prospective Suppliers

We’re Ready to do Business With You

SOR Controls Group works with suppliers across a wide variety of industries to design and manufacture components and services for use with our products.

Ready to work with SOR? Please review and complete the forms below and get started working with the best manufacturer in the industry!

To get started please contact us: supplychain@sorinc.com.

How to Become an SOR Supplier:

The following forms and documents will need to be reviewed, completed, and signed for a supplier to be considered for advancement to our active AVL (Approved Vendor List).

Non-Disclosure Agreement(PDF)(opens in a new tab)

Supplier Questionnaire and Checklist(PDF)(opens in a new tab)

Supplier Environmental Compliance Letter(PDF)(opens in a new tab)

Standard PO Terms and Conditions(PDF)(opens in a new tab)

SOR Statement of Vendor Compliance(PDF)(opens in a new tab)

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