About Thermocouples

Thermocouples operate on the principle of the Seebeck effect, which states that when two dissimilar metals are joined at two junctions and the temperature is different at each junction, then a current will flow through the metals (known as EMF). SOR can provide a replacement for any failed thermocouple, RTD, or temperature assembly.


High Quality Construction

  • All thermocouple constructions are manufactured with high purity mineral oxide insulation that provides a high dielectric strength and protects against signal drift.
  • Constructions are extremely flexible and can be formed around a mandrel equal to twice the outside diameter.


High Pressure Designs

  • Our high pressure designs can withstand up to 60,000 PSI of external pressure and are tested in house.


Variety of Material Options

  • Sheath materials are available in stainless steel and other special alloys that provide excellent resistance to corrosion.