Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Comprehensive Testing, Quality Performance

SOR manufactures a complete line of thermocouple elements, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors, thermowells, sample probes, industrial assemblies, and specialty temperature sensors. SOR has the industrial experience, technical expertise, and facilities to accommodate demanding temperature sensor requirements as well as general-purpose requirements.

Some specialized applications create exceptional challenges and therefore require specialized engineered solutions.

Some examples of these special applications include; surface temperature measurement, multipoint temperature profiling, sample probe representative sample extraction, and high-temperature environments in excess of 2000ºF/1093.3ºC. SOR offers a variety of custom specialty products for these types of applications.


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Temperature Sensors

Accommodating all requirements, no matter how harsh.

Specialty Temperature Sensors

Built for heavy-duty applications.

Benefits of SOR Controls Group

Impeccable Performance & Durability

SOR, Inc. offers 100% testing of RTDs for accuracy and continuity assurance. All SOR thermocouples come standard with high-purity mineral oxide insulation and high-temperature stainless steel sheaths are standard on SOR thermocouples We also offer the in-house ability to test temperatures sensors at up to 60,000 psi and 2150ºF (1150ºC) and as low as -45ºF (-40ºC)

Expanded Product & Accessories Offering

SOR, inc offers a full array of calibrations, sizes, junction types, protection tubes, thermowells, materials, and other options for any scenario. Each is field-adjustable, cut-to-length, and offers remote mounting options to reduce head vibrations and eliminate the need to stock multiple lengths of sensors. Also includes a multitude of connection heads, transmitters, and displays for any application requirements; from explosion-proof to general.

Special Sensors For Heavy-Duty Applications

These unique temperature sensors offer electric trace designs to measure the surface temperature of tanks or pipes over 3 in. (2.5 cm) in diameter. We also offer heavy-duty pipe clamp sensors for greater stability and constant contact with the measuring surface. Other offerings include washer thermocouples, tubeskin thermocouples and RTD’s, oil seals, industrial magnet designs, and multipoint sensor assemblies.

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