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Safety is the most important aspect of any application. If you’re in the chemical processing industry, reducing the risk of potential hazards is essential for keeping both your employees and the environment safe. At SENSOR Sampling Systems, we design and manufacture closed-loop grab sampling systems to the exact industry requirements necessary to meet environmental and emissions standards.

With our sampling systems, customers have the ability to restrict any potential hazards by extracting representative grab samples in a safe manner, while also managing quality and yield.

By utilizing special sample valve technology, these systems capture hazardous emissions during sample collection.

Engineered to Order With Off-the-Shelf Speed

Gasses & Vapors

Zero emissions. Zero operator exposure.

Liquified Gasses

Innovative sight glasses to verify cylinder outage.

Heavy Liquids

Providing complete flow control.

Low Vapor Pressure Liquids

Eliminating additional and unnecessary operations.

Specialty Applications

Engineered-to-Order sample systems.


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Benefits of SOR Controls Group

Assured Quality

The caliber of our precision sampling equipment is unrivaled by any company in our field. But don’t just take our word for it; SOR Controls Group earned the highest level of quality registration – ISO:9001 – all the way back in 1993 and we’ve achieved it every year since. Since then, we’ve even trained other manufacturers on how to achieve ISO: 9001 certification.

Numerous Applications

Wondering if we can handle your chemicals? You don’t have to. SENSOR closed-loop grab sampling systems work with a wide variety of different applications. These include

  • Hydrofluoric (HF) Acid
  • Naptha
  • Heavy Gas Oil
  • Resid
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Desalters
  • H2S Detector Tube
  • Vacuum tower bottoms
  • Refinery Gas

And a whole host of other chemicals and applications.

Comprehensive Safety

Manufactured in Houston, Texas, all of our closed-loop grab sampling systems are built with complete care. Our utmost goal is to ensure that each system meets all necessary requirements when it comes to environmental, emissions, and safety standards.

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