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Offering a complete line of thermowells, temperature sensors, and temperature switches, SOR Controls Group is the premiere choice for customers seeking reliable temperature-measuring instrumentation. Instead of wasting your time with an unreliable product from the other guys, SOR temperature products are designed and manufactured with both quality and durability in mind. We possess both the experience and the expertise to ensure that your sensors and switches are built to withstand even the most harsh and demanding environments.

SOR’s reliable thermowells, temperature sensors, and switches have allowed us to become a trusted resource for the oil and gas industry, producing thousands of high-temperature sensor and switch assemblies.

Additionally, all SOR products can be Engineered-to-Order with any options or accessories your company requires.

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Benefits of SOR Controls Group

Complete Accuracy

We know that having total accuracy is crucial for any piece of temperature equipment. With our temperature sensors, customers get the benefit of 100% testing of elements for accuracy, as well as an array of non-destructive in-house testing abilities.

Low Ownership Costs

When it comes to temperature switches, each comes with a 3-year warranty and standard 316SS sensing bulbs. The end result is a durable, economical piece of equipment that provides a low total cost of ownership for customers.

Durability and Flexibility

In addition to general-purpose requirements, our thermowells, temperature sensors, and switches are built to withstand even the harshest environments. Additionally, all of our products are capable of complete customization and are designed for flexibility. If you need an Engineered-to-Order temperature-measuring instrument, why go anywhere else?

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