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If you’re operating a nuclear power plant, this issue may sound familiar: you have a switch from a manufacturer that has discontinued its nuclear product line and it’s no longer available on the market. No need to worry! SOR Measurement & Control offers a wide variety of differential pressure, 1E-qualified pressure, vacuum, and temperature switches to nuclear power generation companies across the country.

Additionally, SOR offers the unique capability to design and manufacture custom nuclear products based on the unique needs of our customers.

We always listen to your needs to develop high-quality, Engineered-to-Order solutions. Whether you need products for specific processes, safety, or environmental concerns, SOR is the premier choice for custom nuclear products that fit your exact requirements.

Engineered to Order With Off-the-Shelf Speed

Nuclear Qualified Differential Pressure Switches

New build and replacement switches for your needs.

Nuclear Qualified Pressure Switches

A go-to solution for aging nuclear plants.

Nuclear Qualified Temperature Switches

Modified to work in even the harshest conditions.

Benefits of SOR Controls Group

Assured Quality

SOR Measurement & Control maintains a quality program committed to compliance with the applicable elements of 10CFR50, Appendix B, ANSI N45.2, and NQA-1, including the reporting requirements of 10CFR21. Our products are qualified by a combination of testing and analysis per IEEE-323-1974 & 1983 and IEEE-344-1975 & 1987 and manufactured under a quality program that is audited by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC), and Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC).

Complete Customization

We love to listen, and we love to solve problems even more. If you’re in need of Engineered-to-Order nuclear-qualified products or specially integrated features, our team can help by offering customized solutions to meet your needs.

Unmatched Longevity

As great as it is to have a fully customized product, it doesn’t mean much if it isn’t built to last. You won’t have to worry about that issue with SOR pressure instruments. That’s because we build all of our products to stand up to even the harshest environments. Even decades after completion, you can find our instruments out in the field and operating at optimal performance.

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