Flow Measurement Devices

Flow Measurement Products

Durable Flow Devices

With different flow technologies and a dedication to quality products, SOR Measurement & Control is a dependable provider of flow measurement devices. With thousands of customers across a wide variety of industries, there’s no better place to turn if you’re in need of flow switches or flow transmitters.

Our flow transmitters provide a precise measurement of volumetric flow rate.

Our flow switches are built for rugged longevity and can be used in a wide range of pipe sizes and process conditions.

Engineered to Order With Off-the-Shelf Speed

Flow Switches

Actuating on flow/no-flow or at a setpoint.

Flow Transmitters

Using differential pressure transmitters for flow measurement.

Benefits of SOR Controls Group

Versatility & Customization

From start to finish, we’ll work with your company to ensure that each product is built to your exact specifications. Our products work in a wide variety of applications, ensuring you get long-term satisfaction.


Each of our flow products is built to last and withstand the harshest conditions you can put them through. Using the best materials available, along with a rigorous quality assurance process, we promise your product will last for years to come and lower your total cost of ownership.

Fast Response

We know you don’t want to wait, and you shouldn’t have to! SOR Measurement & Control offers worldwide service and quick delivery for our flow measurement products. Our Customer Service Team will provide prompt service and help you determine the right flow product for your application.

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Ready for a unique solution that actually works for you? Use our Product Selector and explore how our high-quality level products can solve even your most challenging applications.

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