Heavy Liquids

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About Heavy Liquid Sampling Systems

This group of process liquids has a vapor pressure < 19 psia and have high viscosities with the potential to turn to solids at ambient temperatures. This group of heavy liquids are typically caught in metal open top containers due to the high operating temperatures. With a desire to keep the sample hot to avoid plugging, the sample is typically collected in an enclosure to avoid splashing and potential for burns to the operator. Once the sample is collected, it is often allowed to cool before transportation to the laboratory.

The SENSOR Heavy Products Sampling System (HPSS) utilizes a similar flow-thru design to the BBSS unit, allowing for flow control of the product as it enters the sample container. With the use of large front and top window in the enclosure, the operator can get a good view as the sample enters the container. The twist lock purge adapter along with the 3-way steam valve ensures that steam is condensate free to be used to clean out the HPSS unit after each use. Proper cleaning ensures that the HPSS unit is ready and available for each use for quite a difficult group of applications.

Typical SENSOR HPSS applications would include; residuum (Resid), asphaltenes, hot tar, condensate, bitumen, vacuum tower bottoms, reformate, and many other chemical compounds.

The SENSOR RAM Sample System (RSS) is designed to attach directly to the side of a tank or pipeline without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential to take a sample. The RSS uses a Piston Type Ram Sample Valve, which works very well in high viscosity or high particulate applications which are prone to plugging. As the valve is rotated, the piston draws back and allows the liquid to flow through to the sample port. When the Piston Ram Valve is rotated to close, it pushes back any remaining product to ensure no cross contamination between samples and zero dead volume.

Typical SENSOR RSS applications would include; amines, benzene, ethylene di-chloride (EDC), hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulfuric acid, hydrotreating, gas oils, naptha, sour water, caustic, residuum (Resid), asphaltenes, hot tar, condensate, vacuum tower bottoms, reformate, and many other chemical compounds.


Key Features

  • Designed for placement into fast loop or process piping to ensure fresh representative sample is always present
  • Flow-thru sample valve design to reduce dead volume, plugging and sample contamination
  • Removable/Replaceable cartridge to allow repair or replacement without removing valve base and pipe spool
  • Versatile, multifunctional design allows for a variety of sampling techniques with common components
  • Sample valve stem threads are located above the valve packing to provide long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Sample valve utilizes a metal seat and a floating ceramic ball design for sealing
  • Operating Instruction Manual included
  • Standard Design Conditions up to 2,000 psig and 800oF maximum with Graphoil packing
  • Design of sample path allows for full sweep of steam or solvent flush when required
  • Over filling of sample container is minimized with excellent flow control with multiturn rising stem design
  • Piston/Ram valve design minimizes dead volume when direct mounting to the process nozzle is required


Industries Served

  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals