SOR Pressure Switches offer Customer Flexibility

Weatherproof Pressure Switch 2

SOR® Pressure Switches are rugged field-mounted instruments. The pressure sensing element of the SOR pressure switch is a force-balance, piston-actuated assembly. The sensing element is sealed by a flexible diaphragm and a static o-ring or an optional metal diaphragm may be welded to the pressure port for more demanding applications, thereby eliminating the o-ring. A wide selection of wetted parts materials for media compatibility and containment are available.

Features include: rugged construction, high-cycle rate tolerance, self-locking adjustment, high over range and proof pressures, narrow dead band and excellent corrosion resistance to hostile environments.

SOR pressure switches are suitable for a variety of process applications in a wide variety of industries. Basic models with standard wetted parts are normally employed for air, oil, water and non-corrosive processes. Specific application requirements are normally met by selecting optional components, such as switching elements, diaphragm systems and pressure ports. Certain applications may require customized product configurations. Customers are encouraged to consult the SOR representative in their area or the SOR factory.

“Our design allows us to give our customers virtually whatever they want in terms of housing, electrical switch elements, sensor materials and process connections” says SOR Mechanical/Nuclear Engineer, Joe Modig, “these possibilities are what set us apart from our competitors.”

Quality, service and delivery have formed the foundation of SOR service to the process industry since 1956. SOR offers a comprehensive line of pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation for a wide variety of industries and applications. SOR has a registered quality system to ISO 9001:2008. World headquarters are located in Lenexa, Kansas USA with satellite offices in the United Kingdom and China. SOR supports its markets with more than 120 sales representatives worldwide.