SOR to Exhibit at LAGCOE Oil & Gas Show in Louisiana with Local Manufacturers’ Representative

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(Lenexa, Kansas USA – September 22, 2017) – SOR Inc. is partnering with AWC to exhibit at the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition (LAGCOE) in Lafayette October 24-26, 2017.

SOR will be presenting the 1400 Series Control Valves (dump valves) and 1600 Series Liquid Level Controllers at this premiere event to the top leaders and decision makers of the Oil & Gas Industry. SOR Control Valves and Level Controllers are designed to control the liquid level within a vessel typically in the upstream and midstream oil and gas market segment. There are several different configurations that we manufacture depending on the applications required and our intent is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price point with superior customer service for these applications.

In addition, SOR is offering the new LeakTite™ No-Bleed Pilot for the 1600 Series Liquid Level Controllers. The LeakTite Pilot operates identically to the existing snap action pilot, however, it includes an elastomer seal gasket to prevent small leakage inside the pilot. This added layer of sealing protection prevents the chance of hydrocarbon gasses leaking and meets the strict requirements of the EPA for emission control regulations.

SOR will also be exhibiting the 1100 Series Magnetic Level Controller with the new patented vista™ indicator Us Patent No. 9638565B2 which is an ultra-wide, lenticular lens viewing angle.

The vista indicator is a unique innovation that provides the easiest, most reliable viewing of any indicator available. By using a curved polycarbonate lens with flattened ridges on the inside, the light enters through the front of the glass and reflects off the colored flippers. As the light is leaving the flipper assembly, the light is redirected in all directions by the patented lens to allow for a 200° viewing angle, the largest in the industry and a forward viewing distance of 250 feet (76 meters) or more.

The SOR line of 1100 Series Magnetic Level Indicators are a proven way to simplify measuring liquid levels.  Not only does the 1100 Series give a visual indication, it also eliminates the need for armored sight glass instruments – simplifying piping systems and allowing for multiple measurements without unnecessary complications to the piping. Continuous output and other auxiliary products are also available to be ordered with the 1100 Series including: GWR, Magnetostrictive, differential pressure, etc. Nearly every SOR product can be designed and engineered-to-order to meet the demands of the process.  SOR offers quick delivery that matches or exceeds off-the-shelf suppliers.

SOR Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of measurement and control devices for oil & gas production, power generation, and the process industries. SOR manufactures a wide variety of electronic and mechanical instrumentation used for measuring pressure, temperature, level, and flow; along with maintaining an engineering and design team capable of providing engineered-to-order products when required. SOR supports a network of sales and service personnel capable of addressing customer requirements in any geographic market around the world.

SOR is owned and operated by SOR Controls Group, Ltd. (SCG) headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. SCG supports regional offices in Houston, Beijing and Dubai.