SOR VP of Engineering writes White Paper featured in January issue of Processing Magazine

A fast loop system

See our latest White Paper, “Representative Sampling: Why It’s So Important and How to Achieve It” in the January 2019 issue of Processing Magazine(opens in a new tab). It was written by our Vice President of Engineering, Michael Bequette, P.E.

SENSOR Sampling Systems, from the core SOR Controls Group competencies, is a leading manufacturer of closed loop sampling systems. These products are easy to use and are an important part of process optimization and safety.

Poor engineering design can keep you from obtaining an accurate sample. SENSOR sampling systems provide a representative sample that is safe to both the operator and the environment. Our systems are designed to meet Leak Detection Repair (LDAR), Maximum Achievable Control Standards (MACT) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission standards. Since no two sampling systems are exactly alike, each of our products is engineered to order. For more information, see Closed Loop Sampling Systems on