Sample Heavy Products with Minimal Downtime

SENSOR Heavy Products Sampling System

SENSOR Sampling Systems is pleased to announce the release of the Heavy Product Sampling System (HPSS). The HPSS is designed to collect samples of hot, heavy products (such as resid, asphalt, hot tar, gas oil, resins, slurries, surfactants and emulsions) while maintaining personnel safety.

“We designed the HPSS with 3 standard features unique to SENSOR which include a removable cartridge valve, condensate-free steam flush assembly and twist lock purge adapter,” said SENSOR Sampling Systems Product Manager, Billy Terry. “These features are sure to help eliminate some of the common plugging and downtime problems many of your customers face.”

The Removable Cartridge Valve allows for separating the valve’s critical components from the sample line without removing the valve body and pipe spool from the process line in the event of required maintenance. The cartridge can simply be removed from the sample valve base and repaired or replaced with a new one, greatly reducing downtime.

The next feature, Condensate Free Assembly, utilizes a unique 3-way valve and steam trap to ensure that condensate free steam is consistently available for purge operations. The steam purge clears any potential blockage from the sample path without disrupting the process flowing in the sample line.

And finally, the Twist Lock Purge Adapter allows an operator to easily install, without the use of tools, the adapter onto the dispense tube and utilize steam to completely flush out the sample pathway to the drain of the enclosure. The steam flush is directed in a controlled manner without creating a mess on the inside of the enclosure or window from splatter.

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