A History of Progress

SOR® includes a wide variety of electronic and mechanical instrumentation used for measuring pressure, temperature, level and flow. SOR products are engineered to order based on the specific application’s requirements with the most effective technologies whether for oil and gas, power generation or nuclear industries. Quality products, delivered quickly and backed by superior customer service with industry leading warranties make SOR an easy choice. SOR is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas and has regional offices in Beijing, China and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. SOR is owned and operated by SOR Controls Group.

SOR Controls Group is a global leader in the design and manufacture of measurement and control devices under the brands of SOR, Smart Sensors (SSi) and SENSOR. SOR Controls Group actively serves all sectors of the process industry with particular strengths in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power segments. A network of sales and service personnel capable of addressing customer requirements are supported by SOR  Controls Group around the world.

SSi offers a complete line of thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowells and specialty surface temperature sensors from design and manufacturing headquarters in Houston, Texas..

SENSOR Sampling Systems retrieve safe, representative samples by utilizing special sample valve technology and by capturing the vent to protect operators from hazardous or lethal compounds present in refining and chemical processes. They are designed and constructed to meet the industry requirements for environmental and emissions standards. Manufactured in Houston, the heart of the industrial Gulf Coast in Texas, sampling systems are required to manage quality, yield and other important aspects of chemical and hydrocarbon processes..

SOR Controls Group History

1946 – Roy Dunlap starts Mechniarts with $2000

1956 – Roy Dunlap and Kansas University Physics professor Ben Brown invent the static o-ring pressure switch

1965 – Mechniarts changes its name to Static “O” Ring®

1978 – Static “O” Ring changes its name to SOR

1982 – Introduces Nuclear Qualified Pressure Switches for the nuclear power generation industry

1985 – Acquires Magnetic Sensing Wave (MSW), a mechanical level measurement company

1990 – Expanded into its new world headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas

1992 – Achieves ISO 9000 certification

1993 – Opens Beijing, China office

2000 – Introduces an electronic pressure transmitter

2006 – Named one of the Top 10 Machine Shops in America

2009 – 805PT Pressure Transmitter is introduced

2010 – Starts LEAN journey

2012 – SOR Inc. receives Safety Integration Level (SIL) certification for mechanical pressure and level

2013 – Acquires SSi Smart Sensors, Inc. to provide a complete temperature measurement solution. SOR Inc. expands the 800 series product line to include 815PT Smart Pressure Transmitter and 805QS Pressure Switch-Transmitter

2014 –  SOR Inc. opens Dubai, UAE office to better serve customers in the Middle East, introduces the 815DT Differential Pressure Transmitter and the redesigned 1710/2210 Compact Level Switch

2016 – SENSOR releases sampling systems product line. SOR releases 1100 Series Magnetic Level Indicator with patented vista™ indicator that provides a 200º viewing angle. Houston receives ISO Certification

2017 – SOR releases 1010 Flushing Rings. SSi releases explosion proof temperature sensors

2018 – SOR introduces 815LT Submersible Level Transmitter. SENSOR adds RAM Sampling System (RSS) and CONCENTRIC™ Needle to its product line

2019 – SENSOR releases Heavy Product Sampling System (HPSS)