Dual Hi-Lo – Hermetically Sealed Temperature Switch

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-50° to 1000°F, -45° to 540°C
Unit: INMETRO, RTN, SIL; Switch: ATEX, UL/CSA, TestSafe (SAA)
3 Years
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The SOR hermetically sealed, Dual Hi-Lo temperature switch is ideal for explosion proof applications and/or those applications that require protection of the switch contacts. It operates on a vapor-pressure thermal system and a sensing bulb that activates/deactivates a piston diaphragm according to the process temperature. 

The hermetically sealed Dual Hi-Lo switch incorporates two separate sensing assemblies and two separate set points with two separate switch outputs for settings at minimum and maximum temperatures.

It is field adjustable making it a convenient choice for just about any industry application in a non-hazardous situation.

  • Ranges from -50° to 1000°F
  • 316 SS temperature sensing bulbs
  • Remote sensing bulb is optional
  • Minimal ambient temperature influence
  • AC or DC electrical service
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