TA Nuclear Qualified Temperature Switch

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TA Nuclear Qualified Temperature Switch
1 Year
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The rugged TA model nuclear qualified temperature switch was tested up to
33Mrad making it an ideal choice for severe conditions. Specifically designed to HELB requirements, it is qualified by a combination of testing and analysis that includes thermal aging, irradiation, mechanical/electrical cycling, random multi-frequency and sine beat.

  • Ductile iron housing for HELB tested to 33 Mrad
  • Threaded cover with double environmental seal
  • Vent connection provided if needed
  • May be engineered to meet your specifications
  • Temperature 40°F to 375°F                                                                         


• 10CFR50, Appendix B

• ANSI N45.2

• NQA-1

• CSA N285.0 (Class 2 and 3 non-welded Category “F” type Fitting)

• CSA B51 Part 1

• We accept 10CFR21

Qualified by a Combination of Testing and Analysis

• IEEE-323-1974 & 1983

• IEEE-344-1975 & 1987 

Audited by

• Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC)

• Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC)

• Canadian Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) N285.0

• Tractebel Engineering SUEZ Certificate nr. 3696

Compliance and qualification depends on the individual instruments.

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  • Special ranges
  • Stainless steel housing with terminal block
  • Custom engineered products for specific process applications, safety concerns or environmental demands. Consult the factory for details.