SOR Launches the New 1010 Flushing Rings

SOR Flushing Rings

(Lenexa, KS, USA – December 5, 2017) SOR Inc. expands its capabilities and product line by officially offering flushing rings as a standard product.

Over the years, customers have come to us asking for SOR to manufacture flushing rings due to the competition not being able to meet certain specifications and quick deliveries.  Given our strong history of machining and welding capabilities, as well as the willingness and ability to provide custom solutions, SOR is able to provide these parts with ease.  Now, given the large customer demand for the product, SOR has officially made flushing rings available as a standard product in the 1010 Flushing Rings(opens in a new tab).

The SOR Flushing Rings are designed to be installed between a transmitter and a standard ASME flange and can be used with any flanged, pancake, or inline diaphragm seal.  One or two flushing connections will allow the buildup that accumulates in front of the diaphragm to be flushed out or vented without disconnecting the transmitter.  Also referred to as ‘drip rings’, the flushing connections can be used to drain piping, take samples, or even bleed a valve.

The SOR 1010 Flushing Rings can be configured to meet all of your requirements for flushing, calibration, and drip rings.  Leveraging our world class machine shop and dozens of certified welders, SOR has the capabilities to provide product that meets your exact requirements at the lead time your application demands. Never again feel trapped by off-the-shelf choices or long lead times.

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