RF Capacitance Level Transmitters

About RF Level Transmitters

SOR RF level transmitters are used to continuously measure the level of a liquid or bulk solid material (as well as slurries) within a specified space. They provide a 4-20 mA current output proportional to the level.


Low Maintenance – High Performance

  • No moving parts and can operate effectively through a wide range of temperatures, pressures, vapor gas mixtures, and process conditions
  • Not affected by changes in pressure, temperature, specific gravity, vapor or density
  • Easy calibration


Economical Continuous Solution to Tough Level Challenges

  • Suitable for 12 VDC service
  • FM Approved and CSA Certified for hazardous locations
  • Resists process media coating


Worldwide Service and Fast Delivery

  • Factory Sales Engineers and Representatives provide prompt service
  • Standard shipping in 7 to 10 days
  • Emergency shipments available