Tank Farms

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Tank Farms




Max Pressure - 50 psig; Max Temperature - 120ºF

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Sampling in tank farms can be challenging due to the absence of a fast loop, bringing fresh products to the sample point from multiple levels. Electricity and other utilities common in process units are nowhere to be found in tank farms.

The Tank Farm Sampling System (TFSS) utilizes a manual PUSH/PULL pump, flow totalizer, and our Basic Bottle Sample System (BBSS) flow-thru sample valve for circulating a representative stream through the sample station and back to the tank. The customer can collect samples in an open bottle, or outfit the system with a closed-loop needle system for protecting operators from hazardous vapors when present.

  • Can be utilized in areas where there is NO EXISTING fast loop
  • Utilizes a larger ported BBSS Flow-Thru Sample Valve to accommodate more viscous fluids and line sizes up to 3/4 inches
  • Hand pump allows the material to be circulated through the system in order to achieve a representative sample without flowing product into a drain
  • Flow totalizer to indicate total volume circulated through the system to ensure lines from various levels have been properly flushed
  • Standard materials of construction is 316SS, pump is cast iron, and flow totalizer is aluminum

SENSOR Sampling Overview