In-Head Temperature Transmitters

5 Years
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SOR understands the importance of each component in the temperature loop, including transmitters and sensors together. Using sensor matching, Callendar van Dusen and other techniques the user is assured of maximizing total loop accuracy.

SOR In-Head Temperature Transmitters accept RTD and Thermocouple inputs and are field configurable.

PT: In-head temperature transmitters that have input/output isolation, which is excellent for the filtering of voltage spikes and elimination of ground loops. There is full access to all features while in operation.

HC: HART transmitter uses protocol for configuration and monitoring through communication with a HART communicator or modem. Sensor error correction compensates for known sensor errors.

LCP: This programmable transmitter allows for input of 2, 3, or 4 wire RTD’s. The sensor failure mode is an upscale value.

  • Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 185ºF
  • FM: Class I, Division 1, Grade A-D
  • Long term stability 0.1% per year
  • 5-year warranty
  • FM and Cenelec approvals (PT and HC options)
  • NAMUR compliant


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