Explosion Proof Pressure Switches

About Explosion Proof Pressure Switches

The process instrumentation industry standards define devices rated “explosion proof” as those with an enclosure capable of containing an explosion of a specified gas, vapor or dust which may occur within it. Agency listings are required in order to market any pressure switch device as “explosion proof.” See below for our selection of explosion proof pressure switches.

Explosion Proof Pressure Switches that are Built to Last

  • Stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron housings available
  • Precise quality standards from raw materials to finished explosion proof switch

Wide range of standard models

  • SOR has a wide variety of explosion proof switches for most applications
  • Explosion proof housing enclosures
  • Explosion proof hermetically sealed switch capsules

Meets explosion proof requirements

  • Hermetically sealed switch capsules are UL listed, CSA certified, ATEX and TestSafe (SAA) approved as an explosion proof snap switch
  • Explosion proof ratings for the most extreme locations

Safety Certified to IEC 61508 (SIL)

  • Most models meet requirements for non-redundant use in SIL1 and SIL2 Safety Instrumented Systems

Engineered to order

  • Every SOR explosion proof pressure switch can be custom made to your exact specifications—talk to a factory Sales Engineer or your local Representative

Our Explosion Proof Pressure Switches are Simple to Use

  • Installs without the need for special tools
  • Set it and forget it reliability
  • No charge for factory calibration
  • Self-locking set point adjustment