Explosion Proof

About Explosion Proof Temperature Switches

SOR explosion proof temperature switches work on a proven, time-tested vapor pressure thermal system. Changes in fluid vapor pressure may be accurately predicted according to the influence of temperature on the switch’s sensing bulb. When the temperature in the process changes, a proportional adjustment in the vapor pressure occurs in the sensing bulb. The change acts on the diaphragm/piston assembly to actuate/de-actuate an electrical, snap-action switching element at discrete process temperatures.


Accurate and Long Lasting

  • Constructed of explosion proof materials
  • The switching capsule isolates switching elements from corrosive, hostile and hazardous environments


Meets Explosion Proof Requirements

  • All units have earned agency listing approvals


Engineered to Your Specifications

  • More specific application requirements to fit your needs can be met by customizing your temperature switch with optional components such as housings and electrical switching elements


Economical—Simple to Use—Convenient

  • Low cost and low cost of ownership
  • Simple installation – no special tools needed