Hermetically Sealed Temperature Switches

About Hermetically Sealed Temperature Switches

SOR hermetically sealed temperature switches are your choice for applications that are susceptible to harsh process environments and where disrupted functionality could cause a catastrophic outcome. The snap switch is protected in a sealed housing from salt air, hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive agents and atmospheres that might cause contact deterioration and switch failure.


Unparalleled Repeatability

  • Hermetically sealed snap switches
  • Ranges from -60° to 1000°F (-51° to 540°C)
  • High over-range


A Temperature Switch to Fit Your Application

  • SOR has a hermetically sealed temperature switch to fit most any application where protection from the elements or corrosive environments is vital to your process


Engineered to Your Specifications

  • Every SOR hermetically sealed temperature switch can be customized to your exact specifications—talk to your factory Sales Engineer or local Representative


Built Tough and Simple to Use

  • Precise quality standards from raw materials to finished switch


Easy to Install

  • Set point adjustment without declassification of hazardous area