Gas Sampling and Spot Testing

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Gas Sampling and Spot Testing




Max Pressure - 1800 psig; Max Temperature - 350ºF (higher pressure and temperature ratings available)

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The Detector Tube Sampling System (DTSS) provides a safe and reliable means to not only collect gas samples for transport to the lab, but also allows for isolating the gas at atmospheric pressure to safely take detector tube spot samples in the field.

  • Proven design is safe and reliable
  • Can be used for any gas stream where impurities are present and spot testing of their presence is required
  • Accommodates standard Draeger®, Sensidyne®, and GASTEC® detection tube at detection port on sample station
  • Plate-mounted shelf accommodates the pump while the operator draws the sample through the detection tube
  • No need to retrieve or transport delicate Tedlar bags for sample analysis
  • No risk of losing the sample while transporting to the lab—the sample is analyzed in the field, which allows faster feedback to operations for process corrections
  • Higher pressures can be safely lowered before sampling occurs, regardless of process pressure
  • Lab samples can be retrieved at the same time as spot testing to verify spot test for accuracy
  • Includes an additional safety measure in a pressure relief valve on the detector loop in the event pressure reduction fails
  • Standard materials of construction are 316SS, PTFE/PFA and Viton® with options for Monel®, Hastelloy® C276 and Kalrez® o-rings

SENSOR Sampling Overview