Multipoint Sensor Assemblies

2020, 2030, 2040
1 Year
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Multiple points of temperature measurement are required over a broad measurement range. SOR 2000 Series Multiple Sensor Assemblies, or Multipoints, are designed using thermocouples or RTD’s or both. Secondary seals can be supplied to prevent process fluids or gases from escaping in the event of a failure or process upset, thus providing greater safety assurance.

  • Dye penetrated, X-ray, and hydrostatic testing available
  • Temperature point location with a tolerance of 0.25 inches (6.44 mm)
  • Comparable sensor accuracy throughout measuring range
Guide Tube and Blocks – 2020

This design has the sensors installed into guide tubes which are terminated at the hot end into heat transfer blocks. This facilitates faster response time, improved accuracty, and positive point identification.

  • Individual sensors can be removed without disrupting the process while the unit is operating.
Positivie Contact – 2030

The type 2030 design maintains positive sensor contact to the inside wall of the protection tube for improved accuracy and response time.

  • These sensors can be installed as a bundle with a support strip or individually.
Miniature Multipoint – 2040

The 2040 accurately positions several sensors in a stainless steel tube and each sensor is transitioned to flexible leads.

  • Protection tube is not required
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