Weatherproof Pressure Switch

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Weatherproof Pressure Switch 1
Weatherproof Pressure Switch 2
Weatherproof Pressure Switch 1
Weatherproof Pressure Switch 2


NN, N3, N4, N6


30 in Hg VAC to 7000 psi, 1 bar VAC to 480 bar



The SOR weatherproof pressure/vacuum/compound pressure switch is one of our most popular instruments. Models with standard wetted parts are normally ideal for air, oil, and non-corrosive process applications however; we can build one to handle corrosive requirements.

At the heart of this mighty SOR pressure switch is a force-balanced, piston-actuated assembly with the sensing element sealed by a flexible diaphragm and a static O-ring. A wide variety of wetted parts are available and a metal diaphragm can be welded to the pressure port thereby eliminating the O-ring.

  • Low-cost general-purpose workhorse
  • “Set it and forget it” dependability
  • Ranges from 30 in Hg vacuum to 7000 psi
  • Set point adjustable with calibrated scale

Power Plant 101

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Short Training

INMETRO Certification

Pressure Switch Features

Pressure Switch Operating Principles