Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling Systems


Models:  FVBSS

Warranty: 1 Year

  • Guarantees repeatable sample volume
  • Zero dead volume
  • Replaceable process and vent needles
  • Suitable for high process pressures
  • SENSOR needle purge standard
  • Eliminates over filling of sample container
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The SENSOR Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System (FVBSS) provides a repeatable fixed volume of sample during each sampling process without stopping flow of the process fast loop.  As a safety precaution, it helps prevent overfilling of bottle. It utilizes the same sample valve as the Basic Bottle Sampling System (BBSS), with the addition of a needle valve to control the flow of the fixed volume into the sample bottle.  No external tubing is required for the fixed volume chamber.  The fixed volume chamber will be sized to meet the exact requirements of your sampling application. FVBSS is recommended when process pressure exceeds 150 psig or when a repeatable, defined volume of sample is desired.  SENSOR Needle Purge (SNP) is included in the fixed volume design.

  • Closed loop design with captured vent ensures zero emission
  • Eliminate the possibility of overfilling a sample bottle
  • Automatically purges process needle of any residual process thru SENSOR Needle Purge (SNP) which ensures residual elimination between samples
  • Optional SENSOR Sampling CONCENTRIC single needle design is available
  • Positive indication of free-flowing system; no plugged sample or vent needles
  • Isolates sample bottle from process pressure
  • 316L wetted parts standard
  • Viton/Teflon seals standard
  • Fixed volume sizes: 2oz. – 32oz. (60mL – 1000mL) other sizes availale
  • Operation & Installation Manual included

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