Solutions That Work, Products That Last

At SOR, listening and creativity are a way of life. You’ll find the most rugged, long-lasting products with engineering that meets your everyday pressures. We engineer-to-order many of our solutions and often, these become everyday products. We listen to you then configure and build the best solution for your application. Whether it’s responding to the needs of oil and gas producers, nuclear facilities or power generation plants, when you ask for it – we’ve got it.

Nuclear Power Generation

Although SOR services all nuclear plant designs, a typical Boiling Water Reactor is provided as a representative example.

Oil & Gas

OverviewThis guide illustrates the typical <a title=”Typical Oil and Gas Production” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” data-mce-href=””>Oil and Gas </a>production and presents instrumentation normally used in new oil and gas production applications or to improve performance and lower operating costs in existing fields. It contains suggestions for the general application of certain types of instruments. Since each application has unique characteristics, it is recommended that you consult SOR to discuss the specific details of your application to ensure the correct instrument is selected.<br /><a href=”/contact-us/request-a-quote/” data-mce-href=”/contact-us/request-a-quote/”><img title=”Request a Quote” src=”/wp-content/themes/sor/functions/images/btn_rfq-content.png” alt=”Request a Quote” width=”152″ height=”32″ data-mce-src=”/wp-content/themes/sor/functions/images/btn_rfq-content.png” /></a>

Power Generation

Each coal-fired power plant is unique and has varying instrumentation needs based on the equipment used, regional regulations, fuel, and other factors.