LPCI – Low Pressure Emergency Core Cooling Systems

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The Low Pressure Emergency Core Cooling (LPCI) system functions as an integral part of the residual heat removal process. It is made up of two, isolated and independent sub-systems – the Core Spray and the Low Pressure Coolant Injection (LPCI) systems.

  • The Core Spray system sprays water on top of the fuel assemblies via two pumping loops – either of which may supply water from the suppression pool to the reactor.
  • The LPCI system supplies (makeup) water to the reactor core during accidental cooling conditions.

The residual heat removal system serves multiple functions and uses the same major components of equipment depending on the mode in which it is employed.  The LPCI is primary and normal configuration of valve lineup. The LPCI automatically kicks in to restore and maintain the coolant in the reactor vessel to prevent fuel-cladding temperatures in excess of 2200°F by supplying coolant to the reactor vessel from the suppression pool.